Introduction to the Law


This resource introduces you to how laws are made. Before the police become involved in enforcing the laws of the land, there is a long process which determines how we govern ourselves.


On completion cadets will:

  • To have a basic understanding of where Laws come from

  • To have a basic understanding of why society needs laws

  • To identify Group rules


Group room or classroom


4 x 30 minute blocks.

This topic can be completed a full 2 hour session.


The resources are integrated below.

Activity 1: Presentation

Start by asking people to think back to life before having laws and a police service. What happened? How did people determine what was right and wrong? What would life be like now if there were no police?

Deliver the presentation explaining the difference between common law and statutory law.

How a bill becomes law

How laws are made

Activity 3: Exercise

In groups take one of the image questions from the presentation and make a list of what you would do in those situations if there were no laws. How would order be maintained?

Each group should present back to the whole group.

Refer back to your group rules. Discuss how these relate to the law.

Follow Up

Ask cadets to think about a law they would like to change. Invite groups to put forward a case for changing an existing law and other groups need to challenge their arguments and think of the reasons for and against. You can act it out like a debate or a debate in parliament.

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