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This gives you access to a resource from the Scottish Youth Parliament. It is aimed at Pupil Councils but adapts well to getting young people interested and involved in decision-making in lots of different environments and situations, including as part of VPC


On completion cadets will be able:

  • To participate in decision making

  • To raise awareness of the Scottish Youth Parliament

  • To highlight ways to get involved in decision-making in a number of different bodies


Group room or classroom


4 to 8 x 30 minute blocks.

Activity 1: Starter

Start by listing all the ways YV's can think of where they have had an opportunity to get involved in decision making, such as:

  • Pupil Council

  • Youth Parliament

As of they know about wider opportunities, at what age they can vote in different elections and how they feel about getting involved.

Activity 2: Interactives

Now try some of the activities from the resource pack. You could start with the 'Dramatic Scene', 'Hopes and Fears' or 'Fact or Fiction'.

Activity 3: Present Your Issues

Splitting into smaller groups of 3 or 4, try presenting your issues by agreeing three issues to work on such as:

  • one about VPC,

  • one about volunteering

  • one about something in the local community that matters to young people

  • one about England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Activity 4: Roles & Campaigning

You can now move onto some of the other activities that go deeper into roles of office bearers and campaigning.

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