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This topic introduces cadets to the wider topic of emergencies and how to respond to them.


On completion cadets will understand:

  • what an emergency is

  • the way an emergency situation can develop in a range of different settings

  • why and how people around the world prepare for emergencies

  • how they, and their families can be better prepared for an emergency in the home, at school or in other situation


Group room or classroom


1 to 6 x 30 minute blocks.


You will need access to the Red Cross website.

Activity 1: Icebreaker

Play the emergency bingo game developed by PJ White and published by the Red Cross. Remember you will need to print copies of the bingo card.

Activity 2: What is an Emergency?

In groups of 3-6 create a large Venn diagram to separate different photos into emergency or not emergency. You will find the Venn diagram PDF, the and the photos ready for

Activity 3: Understanding Risk

This explores times when the phrase 'it will end in tears' comes true. It then moves towards understanding risk: what makes a situation serious or unsafe?

Activity 4: Mapping Disasters

In this activity you will explore emergency situations and how to respond to them. You need the emergency cards for this.

Activity 5: Taking Action

Looking at this wildfires preparation plan, the group will make up a plan for how they would prepare for a fire (or another emergency) that they might experience.

Follow Up

A good follow-up would be a talk from other emergency services such as Fire Brigade and Ambulance Services.Similarly you can invite someone from your local Red Cross centre.

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